bedrock golem mod Guide

Golems are summoning mobs of Minecraft. These mobs have a neutral stance toward the player and are hostile toward other deadly mobs. Minecraft, as the base game, only contains the Iron Golem, whereas the Diamond Golem is its variation added to the game via modding. You can download the mod “Extra Golems from Curseforge” or buy the mod ” Golems+” from Minecraft’s official marketplace. Once the mod is downloaded, you will get numerous variants of Iron Golem that will share the same dynamics.

Key Takeaways

  • Diamond Golem is not present in the base game. It is added to the game through mods.
  • Two mods are used for this purpose: Golems+ and Extra Golems. Golems+ is for the Pocket Edition, and Extra Golems is for the Java Edition.
  • To create the Golems in-game, you must follow the same procedure as creating an Iron Golem: a T-shape of blocks with a Pumpkin on top.
  • The stats of Diamond Golem will differ from Iron Golem as the better material is being used here.
  • Any variation of Golem ( including Diamond ) will follow the behavior of Iron Golem as they are all based on the principles of Iron Golem’s mechanics.

will only change the Height from 2.7 to 2.9 blocks. These sizes determine the Hitbox of the Golem. One crucial factor is that the mod will not support Bedrock Edition, as Forge is the mod’s requirement.