Bonnie (Bonnie’s Bakery)

 Bonnie just before her true nature is revealed to the player.

Bonnie (known as Bunnie while using her killer persona) is the titular main antagonist of the 2022 horror game Bonnie’s Bakery, the main antagonist of its prequel video A Day With Bonnie and the main villainous protagonist of its prequel DLC Hunt.

She is the titular founder and owner of her bakery and lives in a town populated by anthropomorphic animals. Although she appears as a sweet and affable young woman, Bonnie lives a double life as a psychotic serial killer who kidnaps the townspeople, brings them to the basement of her bakery and murders them before baking their remains into her food products to sell to the unknowing residents of the town to keep her business afloat. She later comes under suspicion from the unnamed Protagonist, who is later kidnapped and forced to find a way to escape the bakery.


Bonnie is a woman with short blonde hair wearing a pink bow and shirt, a green skirt and yellow shoes. She also wears a green collar with a carrot.

When under her alter-ego of “Bunnie”, she dons a white rabbit mask with orange eyes.



Seemingly an innocent and all-loving girl, Bonnie is in truth a psychopathic animal abuser who has no problems with kidnapping and killing others for the sake of her own bakery, which seems to be the only thing she truly cares about. While aggressive to those who try to escape her, she acts kinder to the compliant ones, not attacking them on sight. She also seems to somewhat enjoying killing, humming in her basement as she turns them into ingredients. While usually acting calm, Bonnie can become aggressive after having a bad day of work, going as far as killing all her prisoners.

Despite this, Bonnie originally was kind and sweet when she first opened the bakery. However, her optimism and cheerful demeanor began to diminish once she began to face the risk of closing up after very few customers showed. This, combined with her inability to save an injured rabbit that appeared near the bakery, sent Bonnie over the edge as she then cooked the rabbit in one of her recipes, causing her to seek more meat.

The DLC teaser also seems to show that she has a sadistic personality, at least judging by how gleeful she is when getting into her killer persona “Bunnie”.

Bonnie does seem to have a competitive side, displaying jealousy when people start attending a different bakery during the DLC. Bonnie also does not seem register the people she’s hunting as individuals, and seems to dehumanize them by referring to them as “it”. Bonnie shows no remorse for her victims, particularly when it comes to those supporting her competitors.

That being said, the DLC does show that in the present day, Bonnie does have standards, particularly around children. She states that she does not use any school children for ingredients, and seems genuinely shocked to discover that one of the mouse children outside of the school has gone missing. She also seems to find children adorable. She also seems to show some empathy towards the Town Hall Cat having to deal with her first victim. Bonnie also tends to leave businesses alone, so long as they don’t start selling pastries.



Long ago, Bonnie’s family mysteriously disappeared, leaving her to live on her own. How long she had her family before they went missing is unclear.

Sometime in the past, Bonnie opened her bakery to follow her dreams, but said bakery didn’t go well as she expected. Customers were rare, and despite her best efforts, her attempts to advertise fell flat. She did, however, meet Bear, who she describes as the closest thing she had to a family ever since hers disappeared.

One day, an injured bunny showed up to her, and she took care of them as best as she could, only for the bunny to die. Deciding to cook their remains, Bonnie started having hopes for her dream once more when the smell attracted customers.

Starting to kidnap the townsfolk, Bonnie killed and used their remains for their recipes, becoming quite successful. One day, one of the hostages she kept alive trapped in her basement tried to escape.

Bonnie’s fate changes for each ending of the main game:

Ending 1 of 5: Fresh Ingredients

The player is killed by Bonnie in her basement, Bonnie will simply use her for her next dish, with her crimes continuing undisturbed.

Ending 2 of 5: Escape

The protagonist manages to escape Bonnie’s bakery and tells everything to the townsfolk. At first, they don’t believes her, but after the protagonist shows the notes she has collected, they believe her and form a large mob to investigate the bakery. However, Bonnie has escaped and is never seen again, having presumably left the town after discovering that the protagonist had escaped and now the townsfolk are after her.

Ending 3 of 5: Waiting

The protagonist manages to escape Bonnie’s bakery but, having no evidence, she decides to stalk Bonnie, now living in the most hidden place of the town, waiting to catch her as she gathers her ingredients.

Ending 4 of 5: Fear

The protagonist manages to escape Bonnie’s bakery but no one believes her story because the notes were blown away by the wind. This makes the protagonist move to a different town, but she live in fear that Bonnie will come back for them.

Ending 5 of 5: Bingus

In this joke ending, that can be obtained by obtaining 0 points while playing as Bonnie, where she gets arrested for causing food poisoning to her customers.

Secret End: Free

By using the secret code obtained by all the other endings, the protagonist obtains a knife which she use to kill Bonnie, finally ending her threat. After the protagonist takes the limbless bear out to show the townsfolk the horror of the bakery, she go to the hospital to get the bear treated. Meanwhile, the townsfolk decide to go see the rest of the horror that was hiding inside the bakery.

Secret End: Pirate

During the night segments of Hunt, Bonnie can enter a room with a pirate in it, alongside a singular chest. Should she steal the contents of the chest, a single coin with a code will appear in the basement. Entering the code on the back of the coin into the safe will cause the protagonist to flee, tracking down the pirate. The pirate, outraged by Bonnie stealing earlier, helps the protagonist sneak into the bakery at night and kill Bonnie. Later on, the two, alongside all of Bonnie’s captives, roam the seas together.

Secret End: Moose

Should Bonnie listen to all of the Moose’s dialogue during the daytime segments of Hunt, the protagonist later on can use the numbers to form a code. After inputting the code, the protagonist flees before encountering the Moose, who was heading to the bakery. The Moose, thanking Bonnie for listening to their tales, decides to take Bonnie with them on a new adventure, causing her to disappear into the night.


Bonnie has many roles in the DLC, particularly as the playable character in Hunt. Each day revolves around Bonnie stalking her target of the day in order to learn their nightly routine before kidnapping them and stuffing them into her basement.

Throughout the four days, it’s revealed that another bakery has sprung up, taking away customers from Bonnie. This, combined with investigations against her bakery, has led to Bonnie targetting four individuals in order to gather more ingredients for her resturaunt.

Bingus Mode

Bonnie is the playable protagonist for Bingus Mode, an which is unlocked by inputting a secret code in the main menu, which can be obtained by a mutilated animal that Bonnie can talk to in the church. Trapped in her own basement, a crude representation of her hunts her down, and she must follow the same steps as the protagonist of the main game in order to survive.

Caught (Bingus Mode)

Bonnie is caught by Bingus, and immediately wakes up, revealing that Bingus Mode was just a nightmare she had. She then continues her activities as normal.

Escape (Bingus Mode)

If Bonnie is successful at escaping, she is greeted with Bingus, who tells her that she can’t escape her. The screen glitches out, stating that “You can’t escape your delusions” before revealing part of a bloodied corpse, presumably Bonnie’s.

Knife (Bingus Mode)

Should Bonnie insert the code for her knife, she’ll fight off Bingus, knocking away Bingus’ knife with her own. Bingus is reported to be gone.

Pirate (Bingus Mode)

Should Bonnie insert the code on the coin, she’ll escape, but with Bingus left unattended for, she’ll steal the coin and return it to the pirate. Bingus reappers behind Bonnie, now dressed as pirate garb. Sometime later, Bingus forces Bonnie to walk the plank while Bingus sets out on the seven seas.

Moose (Bingus Mode)

Should Bonnie insert the Moose’s code, she’ll escape, only to be met with Bingus disguised as the Moose. Bingus tries to kidnap Bonnie… only to fail due to being unable to clip into the floor like the Moose. The two are stuck there for an indeterminable amount of time.