Minecraft: How To Install (& Make) Straw Golems

The Straw Golem in Minecraft is an adorable mod that automates the process of harvesting produce on a farm. Like Drones in Slime Rancher, Minecraft’s Straw Golems are passive mobs that will only focus on their programmed task of delivering crops to a nearby chest. This chest and its farm will act as an “anchor point” for the golem, allowing it to only roam within a 24-block radius. While Straw Golems have been designed to sometimes wander out of the radius, they will rush back to their farm after it “realizes” it’s too far from the crops.

Minecraft Straw Golems have a max lifespan of seven in-game days. As time passes, the mob’s body will start to degrade, changing in color and spawning flies around its body. Fortunately, players can keep Straw Golems alive by feeding them Wheat. One sheaf of Wheat from a farm in Minecraft will extend the hay golem’s life by roughly a quarter of a day.

How to Download Minecraft’s Straw Golem Mod

To make Straw Golems in Minecraft, players will first need to download the Forge mod that adds the helpful mob into the game. Therefore, it is recommended that fans download and use Minecraft Forge to install the Straw Golem mod. Once Forge has been installed for Minecraft, visit the official website for Curseforge and search for “Straw Golem Rebaled – Forge.”

Ensure “Rebaled” is included in the title; otherwise, an outdated version of the mod will appear. Keep in mind that Forge’s Straw Golem mod was last updated September 8, 2022, so newer mods and game versions may not work properly with this mod in the future.

Players can also visit Minecraft’s Straw Golem mod page by clicking the link in the source line below!

Once installed, launch Minecraft and check to see if the Straw Golem mod works properly. This mod has been tested to work with similar farm-related Minecraft mods, such as “XL Food” and “Simple Farming.” However, players who heavily use mods might have trouble using Minecraft’s Straw Golems if an incompatibility issue exists.

How to Make a Straw Golem in Minecraft

To make a Straw Golem in Minecraft, place a hay bale block on any surface and put a Carved Pumpkin directly above it. Carved Pumpkins are made by using Sheers on a pumpkin in Minecraft. Players are advised to place a fence around the Straw Golem to ensure they do not wander too far away from their crops.

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If you wish to have multiple chests within a Straw Golem’s radius, you can do so by SHIFT+Right-Clicking the hay golem and selecting a chest to designate it to. Additionally, players can use apples to lure Minecraft’s Straw Golems to a specific location.

Looking to experiment with more types of Golems in Minecraft besides Straw Golems? Check out the video from Knarfy on YouTube below, which shows off multiple different kinds of Golems and what they do!

Will Minecraft 1.20 Change Straw Golems?

Recently Minecraft revealed some more of the upcoming changes coming in Minecraft 1.20, including brand-new materials centered around Archeology. A new block in Minecraft 1.20, Suspicious Sand, can be used in combination with a new tool, The Brush, to “…carefully brush your block of suspicious sand. This allows you to extract whatever is hiding within, which can be anything from pottery shards to random objects!

Once players have discovered four different pottery shards, indicated by the symbols on them (above), they can combine these shards to create a complete pot. Right now it’s unclear whether Straw Golems in Minecraft 1.20 will be able to automate brushing for antiques like it does harvesting, but having them around will surely free players up to explore all the new content Minecraft 1.20 will offer.