How to Beat Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors

Image via Roblox Doors

Do you want to know how to beat the super hard mode in Roblox Doors? Roblox Doors is a popular game that anyone can play. It’s a first-person horror game where you must navigate increasingly tricky levels to reach the end. The game also has a special super-hard mode that can be unlocked for an extra challenge. This guide will tell you how to beat the super hard mode in Roblox Doors.

What is The Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors?

The Roblox Doors introduced the Super Hard Mode as the April Fool’s day update. According to the developer, you can find the Super Hard Mode entrance at the end of the lobby.

The Super Hard Mode added two new items and six-game entities to the game. These are in addition to NVCS-3000 X-ray, which reveals hidden objects and provides night vision but is just an April Fool joke. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it from the shop.


  • Holy Hand Grenade:  This grenade deals massive damage to enemies.
  • Shield Potions: There are two types of Shield Portions. Mini Shield Potion will give you < 50 HP and 0.5 speed, and Regular Shield Potion: <100 HP and 0.5s Speed.

Game Entities

  • Evil Key: If you touch this Key, you will instantly die.
  • Banana Peels: If you skip on them, you will get ten damage.
  • Jeff the Killer:  It will chase and try to stab you and only appears in Roblox Super Hard Mode.
  • Subspace Tripmine. It emits a pink color aura and instantly kills anyone near it.
  • Greed: If you loot items quickly, Greed will randomly appear and deal you 190 damage.
  • Seek Cut-Scene: This super humanoid one-eye monster drives a vehicle and instantly kills you.


How to Beat The Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors?

Image via Roblox Doors

You can beat the super hard mode in Roblox Doors by identifying the Mechanics of each game entity. Here are the tips you must follow.

  1. Evil Key: Do not try to get the Evil Key. It is near the shelf at the reception. Instead, find the actual Key near the fireplace.
  2. Banana Peels:  Avoid walking on the banana peels by walking around them or jumping over them.
  3. Jeff The Killer: Do your best to avoid him by running away or hiding in the closet.
  4. Subspace Tripmine: Most of the time, they are hidden behind the doors. Be careful and always look for them before opening a Roblox Super Hard Mode door.
  5. Greed: Do not loot items too quickly. Greed will appear and cause massive damage.
  6. Seek Cut- Scene: Once you see it, do not wait; run away as fast as possible to the exit.

By understanding the mechanics of each game entity and following these tips, you should be able to beat the Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors. Good luck!